Elliptical resin curtain rod with drill

Elliptical resin curtain rod with drill

Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Certificate: ASBI 、 Wal-Mart
Payment: 30% deposit
Minimum order quantity: 1000 Rod
Price: Advisory
Delivery time: 50 days after order confirmation
Payment method: T/T D/P L/C
Shipping methods: Ningbo Port Shipping
Views: 99

Product Details

   Diameter: 2.3/5.5cm    Length:6.7/9.1cm    Width: 4.3/5.6cm
   Height:5.6cm    Colour: Nickel    Telescopic rod:single curtain rod & double curtain rod
   Inner ring:Recommended 8 per meter    Support: Customer-defined    Screw: Normal screws & allen screw


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