China Curtain Rod Manufacturers-What Is A Curtain Rod?


Curtain rods are mainly made of metal and wood. Differe […]

Curtain rods are mainly made of metal and wood. Different materials, different styles of artistic curtain rods with iron heads, and silk or gauze decorative cloths, used in the bedroom, have a strong contrast of soft and soft contrast: while the wooden carved heads give people a warm and full sense. The adoption range and matching style are not limited, and it is suitable for various living rooms.

Curtain rods are decorative rods for curtains, which are divided into two categories: bright rods and dark rods.

Bright pole
Bright pole: It is a curtain pole where you can see the color of the pole and the shape of the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head). Because it conforms to the popular trend of "light decoration and heavy decoration" in modern society, it is being welcomed and accepted by more and more families.

Hidden rod
Contrary to bright poles, dark poles are often placed in curtain boxes, and people cannot easily see the poles themselves. This decoration method has become more and more outdated, and is gradually being eliminated by the times.

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