Chinese Curtain Rod Supplier Suggests You To Hang Curtains Above Window Frames


There are certain wall and window configurations where […]

There are certain wall and window configurations where hanging curtain hardware above the window is not possible, but ultimately Chinese curtain rod supplier agrees that raising curtains higher than the window frame provides the best visual result. This draws the eye upward and prevents the window from appearing short and squat. Hanging the curtains high makes the window and the room look taller. Even in a small room, if you mount your drapery on or near the ceiling, you will create the illusion of space.
Exactly how high should curtains be hung? It depends. Follow this checklist to find the optimal recommended height for your curtains.
· Minimum: at least 3” to 6” higher than the top of the window if the space is available.
· Ideal: halfway between the top of the window frame and the ceiling, plus one to two inches. The extra inch avoids creating sight lines that dissect the room at the halfway point, which can be distracting and make ceilings look low.
· If the space has crown molding, mount the curtain rod just beneath the crown molding.
· If the window is less than 6” from the ceiling and there is no crown molding, then ceiling mounted curtain hardware works best. Track systems work well in this situation, allowing curtains to glide open and closed.

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