Chinese Curtain Pole Expert Informs You Not To Understate Effect of Curtain Poles


Curtain poles are an aspect of interior design, which a […]

Curtain poles are an aspect of interior design, which are often ignored . This is probably because any effect they have is usually very subtle. They are often hidden and overshadowed by the curtains. However, a carefully selected curtain pole can have an effect on a room that is both subtle and profound.

In a minimalist or ‘clinical’ room, a curtain pole with sharp looking finials would work perfectly. The straight lines and hard edge of the curtain pole offset the angularity and clean lines of a sparsely decorated room wonderfully.

However, If you want a room that is warm and comfortable, you should choose from some natural wooden finish curtain poles. Whether this wood is light or dark, it would depend on the type/colour of the furnishings. Dark wood would suit reds, browns and other such colours, which aimed at creating an intimate environment. Lighter woods suit a brighter room, which is used for socialising and conversation.

Wrought Iron or Dark Metal Poles are very adaptable, and can actually work well in multiple settings. Typically wrought iron poles are envisaged in country homes, and they do work wonderfully in such a room. But they can look equally as good in a more contemporary setting, such as industrial or even vintage design. And the black metals are very well suited to industrial and sharp, modern rooms.

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